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Episode 013: Trademarks and Domain Names with Marty Schwimmer

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Host: Colette Vogele

Guest: Martin Schwimmer

Martin Schwimmer
Martin Schwimmer is a principal at Schwimmer Mitchell Law and has been Of Counsel to Moses and Singer since 2007. Marty’s practice is concentrated in the area of U.S. and international trademark law and domain name counseling, prosecution and litigation. He represents some of America’s largest corporations regarding the special policing issues raised by use of brand names on the Internet. Managing Intellectual Property magazine identified Mr. Schwimmer as one of the best trademark lawyers in the United States. Marty also publishes The Trademark Blog, widely recognized as a leading source of trademark news and case analysis.

Topics and Questions for Episode 013: In this episode, Colette puts on the hat of “new-client-seeking-trademark-and-domain-name-advice”. She interviews trademark and domain name legal expert Martin Schwimmer of Schwimmer Mitchel Law, the Trademark Blog, and Moses & Singer in New York.

Links for this Episode

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  • Freivogel on conflicts of interest
  • Lanham Trademark Act
  • US Trademark office search site (click on the “search” button in approx. middle of the page to get to TESS, the Trademark Electronic Search System)
  • US Trademark office on how to register
  • download is a “reproduction” not a “performance” opinion
  • Save Net Radio website
  • As always, you can reference the The Podcasting Legal Guide: Rules for the Revolution for more information on legal questions related to podcasting.

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    1. A May 20th, 2007 6:06 pm

      There’s some background music in the podcast which makes it hard to concentrate on what she’s saying.

    2. Matt Lowe May 31st, 2007 3:17 am

      Hi Colette,

      Just wanted to thank you for a terrific podcast. I’ve listened to the first 12 episodes during my work commute over the last couple of days, and I’ve found it a really enjoyable listen. You manage to deliver a wealth of information and insight in a highly conversational style, which makes it so easy to get up to speed on these important new-media issues, trends and debates. I listen from Melbourne, Australia, so I’m mindful that much of what I hear may not be directly transferrable to this continent, but it’s nevertheless very informative to learn what is going on in the U.S. courts and legislatures. (I first heard you on TWIM, by the way, and you’re a welcome addition there too). It’s especially impressive that an attorney in such an active field makes the time to educate the rest of us through a free weekly/bi-weekly podcast – I just wouldn’t have the time and commitment and I’m not in such a demanding role!. Keep up the fantastic work.


      Melbourne Austalia

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