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Episode 021: Ambush Journalism

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Host: Colette Vogele
Guest: Jeffrey Hermes

Jeffrey Hermes

Jeffrey Hermes’ practice ranges from advising media and corporate clients on content liability issues, to rapid-response intervention in high-profile litigation on behalf of various publishing and media clients, to complex corporate and intellectual property litigation. He has extensive experience in representing print, broadcast and Internet media clients in First Amendment and access-related matters in state and federal court, including successfully unsealing impounded government records, representing reporters being pressured to disclose their confidential sources and defending against defamation suits. Mr. Hermes has argued successfully before the trial court, Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He has also written and spoken frequently on the subject of podcasting publication and the law.

Topic: Ambush Journalism. In this episode, I interview Jeffrey Hermes, a partner with Brown Rudnick, to discuss questions about “ambush journalism” and issues that video bloggers and new media producers should consider when going for that hard to get interview. Jeffrey defines ambush journalism, addresses questions of ethics, and offers many helpful guidelines for new media producers.

Links for this Episode

  • Media Law Resource Center
  • Society of Professional Journalists (ethics code)
  • New York Times (on ethics)
  • The Poynter Institute (page specific to ethics)
  • US Dept of State Handbook of Independent Journalism
  • Center for Citizen Media
  • The Reporters Committee For Freedom of the Press
  • As always, you can reference the The Podcasting Legal Guide: Rules for the Revolution for more information on legal questions related to podcasting. We are in the process of updating the guide and hope to publish version 2.0 by this summer.

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