Rules For The Revolution: The Podcast

Answering your questions about podcasting, new media and the law.


The Podcast

Rules for The Revolution: The Podcast answers your general legal questions about the laws affecting podcasting and new media.

How do I legally incorporate music into my podcast? Do I need permission to reference other people’s content? What is fair use and how does it impact my work? Do I need to get releases from my show’s guests? How do I establish ownership of my trademark? What’s the DMCA? What sorts of legal documents/agreements/records should I save, and which ones can I toss? If I use someone’s image on my podcast, do I need permission? Always? What is the public domain? What if someone says something defamatory in my podcast, or in a comment on my blog, am I liable for that? What’s section 230 about, anyway?

We’ll attempt to answer these and other questions in short 10-20 20-30 minute episodes. Over time, we’ll have built a library of information and resources that we hope is useful to the podcasting, video blogging, and new media community.

The Host

Colette Vogele practices intellectual property law specializing in technology, new media, and the arts. She heads Vogele | Associates where she represents businesses, individuals, and nonprofit organizations in contract and licensing negotiations, litigation, and appearances before government agencies.

Colette also holds a non-residential fellowship at Stanford’s Center for Internet & Society where she co-authored the Podcasting Legal Guide (2006). Prior to establishing Vogele | Associates, she led copyright litigation for the Center on issues involving constitutional challenges to the copyright act, fair use, and the public domain.

Colette speaks and writes regularly on issues related to intellectual property and the Internet. She has been featured on numerous on-line programs including the New York Times Tech Talk, CNET Real Deal, CNET Live, and This Week In Law. Her published works include the Podcasting Legal Guide (2006) (with Creative Commons and Harvard’s Berkman Center); Podcasting for Corporations and Universities: Look Before You Leap (Oct. 2006 in the Journal of Internet Law/Aspen Publishers), and contributing authorship in the Podcast Academy book series, The Business Podcasting Book: Launching, Marketing and Measuring Your Podcast (Focal Press/Elsevier, Inc.) Colette is an Editorial Advisory Board member of the Journal for Internet Law, the California Lawyer magazine, and The Conversations Network, and a Board member of INFORUM, a division of the Commonwealth Club of California.


Colette is admitted to practice in California and maintains active memberships in the State Bar of California, California Lawyers for the Arts, the American Bar Association, and the Bar Association of San Francisco. Colette is also a board member of San Francisco-based nonprofit INFORUM, a division of the Commonwealth Club of California whose mission is to inspire civic debate. An Honors Program graduate in Political Science from the University of Washington, Colette earned her law degree with honors at George Washington University Law School.

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