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iTunes problems…

Hi everyone. We’re having some “technical difficulties” with our iTunes feed. I’m not really sure I fully understand the problem at this point, but for some reason serving the podcast (as we always have) from our .mac account is no longer working with iTunes. We’re going to move all the episodes to Libsyn today (something I have been meaning to do for months anyway), and hopefully this will fix the iTunes problem. The feed (through feedburner) should, however, be exactly the same (which begs the question: will the move really fix the problem?).

I’ve received comments and a few emails from listeners alerting me of the problem with iTunes and I just wanted to say that I *really* appreciate the heads up from you all. Thanks for your patience while we sort it out!

I will be posting the mp3 for episode 019 regarding insurance today here on the R4R blog. I originally wanted to hold off posting until we got the iTunes fix done, but have changed my mind. No sense to keep waiting! The next post will be the Episode 019 post.

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