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Podcast Academy #6

I’m at at Podcast Academy #6 today where I gave a new presentation on podcasting, new media and the law. My slides are available on flickr and a .ppt version is available for download here. The presentation is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

The program was packed with information, starting off with Greg Cangiolosi who discussed corporate podcasting case studies. Dan Klass spoke on decisions to downloads. Craig Syverson, the gruntmedia guru (and also co-host of my favorite Valley business podcast, venturecast), did his magic with lessons in video production. Tim Street (of French Maid TV fame) kept us awake after lunch with lots of videos… bottom line: spectacle, story, and 2+ emotions. After that, it was Hayden Black teaching about getting from the web to the TV, Paul Colligan on reaching the largest possible audience, and Chris Brogan (who we’ve annointed the “community development whiz kid”) on building digital relationships. Whew.

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Episode 019: New Media Insurance

Welcome to Rules for the Revolution. Click on this link to listen to Episode 019 or subscribe and listen through iTunes. (Please note: the iTunes subscription is being updated. I’ll strike this note once it’s working again. Thanks for your patience!)


Host: Colette Vogele
Guest: Jerome Guerard, Vice President, National Entertainment Insurance at Charles River Brokerage

Jerome Guerard
Topics: Risk management and insurance for new media production and distribution can be tricky. Learn about the types of risks that insurance can protect you from, whether you need insurance if you’re a hobbyist or a media professional, key terminology in entertainment insurance contracts that you should look for, tips on working with your insurance broker, what a “producer’s package” means and should include, differences between “general” liability and “media” liability, how to read an insurance policy properly (that is, back to front), and even how to negotiate insurance terms that you would like changed.

Links for this Episode

  • Production Insurance – Are You Covered?
  • Studio Monthly (industry organization)
  • legal scenario case studies (5-page pdf)
  • You can contact Jerome Guerard directly at jeromeg [at] crinsurance [dot] biz if you have other questions about insurance.

    And, a really big thank you to Paul Figgiani for recording the audio for the phone interview in this episode.

    Upcoming events:
    Podcast Academy #6 in Ontario, CA. – Sept. 27.
    Podcast & New Media Expo in Ontario, CA – Sept 28-30.

    As always, you can reference the The Podcasting Legal Guide: Rules for the Revolution for more information on legal questions related to podcasting in the U.S. For Canadian listeners, please check out the Canadian Podcasting Legal Guide.

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