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I’ve fallen behind!

Hi listeners. This is just a note to let you all know that I’ve (obviously) fallen behind on posting show notes for the past few episodes. Am working to catch up over this coming weekend. Also, this week’s show — an interview with IODA’s Digital Marketing Manager, Corey Denis, about the Promonet — will be posting soon. Please stay tuned, and thanks for your comments and feedback.


Status update!

So, I’ve known for awhile that this process would be a learning one, but this week has been more challenging than I first expected, especially from the technical side of things. Here’s what’s going on:

    First, my email for the show isn’t working, so if any of you have tried to email me at colette[at]rulesfortherevolution[dot]com, I apologize that it’s not working. You may have received a bounce back message or your message is lost. I think it’ll be working by the end of this week.
    Second, for some reason the iTunes feed is skipping over episode 001 for some of you. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s being worked on. (It may work to unsubscribe, and then resubscribe, but I’m not sure if that fixes the episode 001 problem.)
    Third, I’m an FTP beginner, which is why it’s taking a bit for me to get that mp3 version of episode 002 working properly. Again, thanks for the patience for you non-iTunes subscribers. {UPDATE: this is now fixed! I’m an ftp pro! Thanks Bill.}

These may all be little things, but they add up and finding the time to address them has been a little tough this week. So, I ask you to bear with me a bit and we’ll have things running more smoothly over the next few weeks.

Speaking of the next few weeks, I do have some great interviews lined up and I am really excited to be able to get these episodes out to you all. We’ll be covering topics like protecting yourself from defamation claims, making sense of copyright’s fair use rules, music licensing, and the DMCA (and more!). I do look forward to your comments and feedback. And for those of you who were dying when I started reading the text of an IP warranty in episode 002, don’t worry. I won’t do that to you very often! :)

Thanks again for listening, and I look forward to getting these opening glitches worked out very soon!

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Here it is…

Well almost… The podcast I’ve been developing is finally coming… Very very soon! I’m excited to launch and we (my awesome intern Ben Costa & I) are just putting the final touches on Episode 001. I’ve been getting some helpful feedback from friends and colleagues who have given it an initial review. I have to admit that putting something like this “out there” has been a much bigger undertaking that I initially expected. So please stay tuned. And Evan & Dean, thanks for your pre-comments. I’m flattered you’ve commented even before I’ve posted anything meaningful! And because Dean has teased about it, I think I’ll leave that generic comment from Mr. Wordpress in the mix.